What to do in the garden in March:

What to do in the garden in March:

What to do in the garden in March:

It's the busiest month of the year – your chance to kick-start the season in style. By the end of the month windowsills are groaning with seedlings and the garden is bursting into life – so let's get started!

General tasks:

  • Mulch bare soil in with lots of organic matter – well-rotted farmyard manure or home-made garden compost is perfect.
  • Re-seed bare patches in the lawn making sure you choose a patching mix suitable for conditions in your garden.

Ornamental garden:

  • Move evergreen shrubs, cutting back top growth by about a third and then digging up with as much rootball intact as possible.
  • Prune roses and late-flowering clematis at the same time: clip clematis back to 45cm and trim roses into an open goblet shape.
  • Coppice dogwoods by cutting all old growth back to about 15cm above soil level to encourage brightly-coloured young growth.

Kitchen garden:

  • Plant new potatoes towards the end of the month, covering the rows with two layers of horticultural fleece in case of late frosts.
  • .Sow hardy veg outdoors as long as the weather is kind: carrots, beetroot, turnips, peas and broad beans can all go in now
  • Prepare onion beds, weeding and removing large stones then scattering slow-release fertiliser before sowing sets 10-15cm apart.