Pests, Weeds & Disease Control

In the battle against all the creepy crawlies which would like to enjoy your plants as much as you do, it's a good idea to be well-armed. You'll find everything you need to fight the good fight at Toad Hall Garden Centre.

We stock a huge range of products to aid and assist you when it comes to controlling pests, weeds and diseases.  Our selection includes insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, weedkillers, insect & animal repellent, animal deterrants and traps.    

One of the local issues experienced by our customers is damaged caused by grazing rabbits and deers.  We stock a range of products to protect and deter, our main product is Grazers which provides an easy and effective solution to damage caused by grazinf rabbits and deers. 

For further assistance and advice please come in and talk to our staff or alternatively contact us via telephone or email for further information. 




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Please note: The Coffee Shop closes half an hour before the Garden Centre.

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