Pet Birds

At Toad Hall we have a range of essentials and treats for your feathered friends, we stock bird food for parrots, cockatiels, parakeets and canaries with a selections of treats, toys, cleaning & cage accessories. 

As we all know a busy bird is a happy bird – so brighten the life of your feathered friend by providing plenty of stimulation in the shape of toys and activities to keep him occupied all day.

Perching is a natural activity you can make more interesting: smaller birds in particular enjoy multi-branched perches, although larger parrots and cockatoos prefer something horizontal.  Toys are also a much-appreciated distraction, and it's worth building up a toybox full of entertaining distractions so you can change them round regularly so he never gets bored. We have a range to suit most types of bird to choose from in our garden centre.


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