Power tools

Tools powered by electricity or petrol make short work of even the toughest jobs, keeping your garden spick and span and leaving you with enough time to enjoy yourself, too. You'll find a great range of both electric and petrol power tools in our garden centre in Henley on Thames: here's how to choose between the two.

Electric tools tend to be smaller, lighter, and easier to use. They're ideal for smaller gardens where there's a readily-available electrical supply, as they're easy to manoeuvre around and don't take up much space to store. If you haven't already got a weatherproof outdoor socket get a qualified electrician to fit one for you, but remember to always use a circuit breaker between the socket and plug for safety.
Petrol tools are larger and heavier, and really power through your work. Petrol strimmers slice through the toughest of bramble thickets, and petrol lawnmowers are ideal for large lawns and where there's no power source handy. Don't forget to add two-stroke oil, available from our garden centre, each time you fill up: it's important to get the ratio right, so check the manufacturer's instructions.
Please ask the staff in our Henley on Thames garden centre for more information and advice about powered tools.

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